Investing for Strong and Sustainable Growth

Almarai’s unique positioning in our markets, outstanding talent and clear strategic direction, executed with purpose and precision in 2023 propelled our Company into the global big leagues, becoming the world’s 11th largest food and beverages company.

Decisive investment to optimize our core businesses, already the foremost players in their respective categories and markets, generated quality organic growth and set the stage for augmenting value creation on a bigger scale in the future

We seized appropriate opportunities to further build our business through acquisitions and cultivated attractive prospects to enter new categories and geographic 26 territories, applying our strong financial standing and operational excellence to chart a course toward long term, sustainable growth.

Our Company is primed to unleash our enormous potential to attain even greater heights by leveraging our growing footprint, innovative product development, exceptional channel management and an unmatched reputation among consumers for trusted quality.

As we stand on the brink of transforming into a global Top 10 food and beverages multinational, we remain a truly Saudi business committed to serving Saudi Arabia and its people, while contributing to the realization of Saudi Vision 2030.