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Annual Report 2021

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Almarai takes pride in providing a safe and supportive working environment for their quality makers. What drives it to do so is their strategic objective, which revolves around recognizing Almarai as a leading employer of choice in the industry and the broader region.

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WE@Almarai is the culture driver in Almarai. It sets all the quality makers on one single path to greatness. WE was established by Almarai, in a move to recognize the importance of engaging the employees and keeping them satisfied.

WE@Almarai has four pillars derived from the Almarai brand values that promises to strengthen the Company’s culture, engage employees and empower them across the organization.

WE Pillars

Derived from our values, we constructed a set of pillars to signify and strengthen our internal culture.

WE Evolve

Focuses on any new personal innovations, initiatives, talents including art, music, and technology.

WE Care

Involves all employees centered approaches and activations, including promoting, wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle.

WE Empower

Support our quality makers in their career path and achievements.

WE Celebrate

Includes celebrating any official days on a national and international level, and internal festivities.

WE are proud to share these success stories which are divided into four main pillars:

WE Care

WE Evolve

WE Empower

WE Celebrate

Our year in numbers:

40,213* Almarai quality makers

8,651 Saudi nationals

3,810 new hires in 2021

No. of learners 2,823

No. of digital learning hours 81,319

*Total HC that covers KSA, GCC, IDJ, and Fondomonte entities of Almarai Company.